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  • Color Block Trend 2011

    12. April 2011


    Color Block Trend 2011

    Color Block Trend 2011

    Celebrate the festive season of summer with the block color trend.  Say goodbye to your fur boots and big coats as you walk under the rays of the sun.  The colorful palette brings a lot of good vibes and selection for women.  The cool colors of water like electric blue and royal blue can add freshness into your outfit.  The sunny color of orange and tangerine adds fun into your outfit.  There are a lot of colors to choose from for this season’s color block trend.

    This trend is versatile and looks good on everyone.  If you’re a bit hesitant to wear this trend check out some tips in how to wear it according to your body type.


    Color Block Trend 2011

    Color Block Trend 2011

    Pear Shape

    For women with a pear shaped body you need to draw attention to your upper body.  Emphasize your upper body and slim down your lower body.  The trick is to wear a darker shade for your lower body.  Pair it with a sexy pair of platforms to add height.

    Apple Shape

    Elongate your body by wearing an outfit that draws attention to your upper body.  You can wear a wide leg trouser to make your body look more proportional.  Wear a bright colored top to create an illusion of an hourglass figure.

    Hourglass Shape

    To highlight your asset you can wear one bold color with detailing.  Go for an outfit which have curvy lines to emphasis your hourglass shape.  Accentuate your waist by wearing a belt.  Pair this outfit with nude pumps to complete the look.


    Color Block Trend 2011

    Color Block Trend 2011

    How to Wear:

    1. Don’t go overboard with your color combination.  Choose color blocks that go well together.  An example would be choosing a color palette in the same hue.  Pink and reds, orange and yellow and so on.
    2. If you want to wear this trend go for the bold colors.  Don’t choose the pale version of your color choice since it would look like a half hearted color block.
    3. Colored jeans can be your first step in wearing a color block outfit.
    4. Go for luxury fabrics like satin, taffeta and silk so it wouldn’t look cheap.
    5. If you’re to scared to try out the trend choose one color that is bold and bright.



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