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  • Carabao, Croc Kills 2 In Philippines

    22. June 2011

    A hungry carabao recently killed his abusive farmer boss in the Philippines. (Photo: 2.children.org)


    Two persons meet an untimely death after they were killed by a carabao (water buffalo) and a crocodile in separate incidents in the Philippines.

    The bizarre killings made by the two animals is now the talk of the town in the tropical island Philippines. In Purok 4, Alegria Village, San Franciso town, Agusan del Sur province, Philippines, a 53-year-old farmer was gored to death by his domisticated carabao on Saturday.

    According to reports, a certain Ruben Sanchez was killed by his own carabao who had not eaten for three days. In the initial investigation by the Philippine National Police (PNP), the farmer was whipping his carabao that day for him to move and walk towards his farm in the area. The hungry carabao got angry with his master and proceeded to hit him with his sharp horn killing him in the process.

    A veterinarian said the carabao may have acted violently because of the trauma from the striking and for being hungry. With the fatal incident, the family is planning to sell the carabao and use the money to shoulder the funeral expenses of dead farmer.

    Meanwhile, a saltwater crocodile has killed a fisherman in  Bataraza town in Palawan province. The PNP identified the victim as Edwin Lucero, 36, whose dead body was found covered with bite marks and floating in a river in Rio Tuba village at 6 a.m. Wednesday.

    In the initial police investigation, Lucero, a resident of Rio Tuba village, went missing while collecting wood on a riverbank on Tuesday, with residents reporting hearing heavy splashing. The residents and police immediately conducted a search and found the corpse of the victim floating on the river after being killed and partly eaten by the crocodile.

    A massive animal-hunt is now underway to catch the crocodile before it could harm other residents in the area. According to the data, the saltwater crocodile is found throughout Asia, but the western island of Palawan, often called the Philippines’ last frontier,is one of the few places in the country where it survives, due to hunting and habitat loss elsewhere.




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