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  • Amazing pieces from the Kitenge

    23. June 2011

    A dress made from the Kitenge( Photo: Scarlettion)

    Most of us have read or heard about it. Kitenge is an African Garment is an African garment often worn by women wrapped around the chest or waist, over head as a head scarf or as a baby sling.

    Amazing dress made from the Kitenge ( Photo: Getty Images)

    Kitenge are almost similar to Kanga, only that their material is much thicker. Kenya, Uganda and Nigeria are African countries where Kitenge is worn. The Kitenge material is used by many fashion designers to make clothes for both men and women.

    Fabulous outfits from the kitenge(Photo:Scarlettion)

    Amazing and sexy outfits have been made from Kitenge. In Africa tradition, Kitenge is given as a gift to young women to wear and express their beauty. When women go to the beach often the Kitenge is wrapped around the bathing suit for modesty or to shield the cold air.

    Beautiful outfits from the kitenge( Photo: Scarlettion)

    These are some sexy and amazing outfits made from Kitenge that any woman should try on. Remember to put some accessories; it is always a rule in Africa that anytime you put on a Kitenge, you should wear some jewellery.

    Great outfit from the Kitenge( Photo: Scarlettion)

    These pieces look really fabulous!!!

    Photo courtesy of Scarlettion


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