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  • Google has been fined for ignoring Taiwan’s rules

    27. June 2011

    Android apps

    google-apps (Photo: androiduknewsetc.com)

    The web search giant Google has been fined by the Taiwan government because of selling paid apps in the Android Market in Taiwan without proposing the consumers seven days refund.

    According to the rules and regulations of the Taipei government each online apps marketer should offer seven days refund period. But Google has been selling the product without proposing the seven days refund period. As a result, Taipei city government has fined the Californian Company with about 3,45,500 US dollars for ignoring the law of consumers protection. At the present time Google is offering only 15 minutes to gauge the apps. The chairman of the commission of rules and regulation, Ching-Yuan Yeh said that “Taipei City Government cannot tolerate such blunt violation of law-which uses unfavorable standard contract terms to transfer consumers’ right of demanding a refund to Google’s mercy.”

    Google has stopped selling the paid apps in Taiwan after the clash with authorities. After the meeting between the Google and the Taipei government the man in charge of Google Taiwan said that “We are suspending paid apps in Taiwan while we continue to discuss this issue with the Taipei City Government.” Ching-Yuan Yeh said that Google’s decision is just like not to comply with the Taiwanese law of consumers’ protection. A spokesman of the government said that Google may be again fined if they do not agree with the consumers’ law of the city within next Friday. But Google has not responded to the threat from the government yet and also strict to its position.


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