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  • Argentina Go Hard vs. Prostitution And Other Women Abuse Issues

    14. July 2011

    Prostitution advertisement like this one is already prohibited in Argentina to protect women from abuse and exploitation. (Photo: observatory.designobserver.com)

    The Latin country of Argentina is taking a huge step in its effort to curb and totally eradicate prostitution, considered the oldest profession in the world among its people.

    Argentine president Cristina Fernandez has issued an order banning prostitution advertisement in the country’s newspapers. Fernandez explained the ban which takes effect on Friday is intended to protect women from violence and sex trafficking cases.

    The laudable initiative gain huge praise and recognition from women’s groups around the world and the United States ambassador in her country. US Ambassador Vilma Martinez wrote an open letter to Fernandez praising her fight against trafficking in women and girls. ”Many countries will appreciate seeing the effects that this decree will bring in the fight against this crime,” Martinez said.

    Based on her order, the ban  specifically applies to any advertising text or images that, in the government’s words, “abuse, defame, discriminate, dishonor, humiliate or threaten the dignity of women.” Despite her laudable effort to limit and stop prostitution in her country, some sectors criticized her latest directive saying the move is intended to punish opposition media this election year by removing an independent source of revenue.

    It was learned the newspaper industry in Argentina often depends on official government advertising. Moreover, according to reports, the ban is taking effect even though its sanctions aren’t yet specified.

    It was learned that Argentina’s justice and human rights ministry is tasked with developing regulations to implement the ban. The decree also creates a monitoring office to track advertisements nationwide and warn newspapers to remove offending ads.Fernández  is the 55th President of Argentina and the widow of former President Néstor Kirchner.

    She is Argentina’s first elected female President, and the second female President ever to serve (after Isabel Martínez de Perón, 1974–1976).  A Justicialist, Fernández served one term as National Deputy and three terms as National Senator for both Santa Cruz and Buenos Aires Provinces.


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