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  • Lifestyle pen from Dupont for Karl Lagerfield

    16. July 2011


    Dupont Pens

    Dupont Pens will definitely be Karl Lagerfield's weakness. (Photo:WWD)

    Karl Lagerfeld had been known for his high taste in fashion.  Not only does he create luxurious products for Chanel he also have a fetish when it comes to writing instruments.  He is a man of unique style and exquisite taste so it befits a luxurious product especially made for him.

    Luxury pens like the Samurai Prestige Lighter and Pen set was made.  It was a elegant and creative.  This time it would be another luxury pen that would make Karl Lagerfield fall on his knees.  It would a large collection which would include limited edition collectible items to simple pens.  The two pen are named “Prestige” and “Unique”.  Each pen has can be a ball point or a fountain head according to the consumer’s request.  Each pen’s nibs are made from hand crafted plates of yellow gold.

    The pen’s bodies will be made with a unique shape with gripping and slip proof.  The “Prestige” oen will have a red hue while the “Unique” pen will come in black.  Karl Lagerfield created a perfect tone for writing by mixing nail varnish with ink.  The price is still unknown but we will be rest assured that the pen is made from the best materials.

    Photo Courtesy: WWD



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