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  • Facebook Users May Show Signs Of Antisocial Behavior

    09. August 2011

    Internet addiction

    Internet addiction is a growing global problem. (Photo: techaddiction.ca)

    Due to the rapid outburst and growth of social networking sites, the teenagers of today can enjoy unprecedented levels of communication and entertainment with their peers. But this level of satisfaction causes the teenagers to have unhealthy obsession and uncontrolled addiction towards these websites, which results in parental watchdog groups to voice their concern against them. Nevertheless, however annoying the watchdog groups may be, a new study by Dr Larry Rosen from the university of California confirms that teenagers who are addicted to social networking sites also exhibit certain tendencies of psychopathy, narcissism and other similar antisocial behaviors.

    According to Dr Rosen, the teenagers and young adults of today tend to become antisocially aggressive elements of the society, all thanks to social networking websites like Facebook or Twitter. To vindicate his claims, a study from March last years implied that around 50 percent of the participants confessed to update their Twitter/Facebook profiles without fail, every night. The same study also proved that more than 19 percent of the countries population, who are below the age of 25, social network at least once in their waking life.

    Dr Rosen indicates that the narcissistic and antisocial traits, which are exhibited by these users, occur mainly because these people already have these traits hidden inside them. The only reason why it does not show on the faces of these people is because, unlike social interaction on the internet, real life communication requires face to face interaction between the all the parties, which causes them to be less assertive. Dr Rosen even pointed out that from the number of teens he had surveyed, around 50 percent of them admitted to get engrossed enough to the point of text blindness.

    It is important to take note of the fact that even though social networking sites where known to be bad for teens, way before this study, there are some positive sides that are seldom addressed. Since beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, everyone would have their own unique view on the upsides and downsides to social communication on the internet.


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