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  • How Capsaicin Present In Chillies Can Cure Nasal Infections

    25. August 2011

    The cure for sinus problems

    The cure for sinus problems. (Photo: topnews.in)

    The thing about chili peppers is that, even though they play a key role in making even the most mundane dishes taste hot and spicy, they are often condemned by a lot of health officials as they contain a chemical known as Capsaicin. It is from this chemical where chili peppers get their spicy flavor as it makes the mammalian tissues experience a burning sensation, which can result in secondary side effects like stomach flatulence, watery eyes and ulcers. But now a research team led by Dr Johnathan Bernstein, from the university of Cincinnati, have confirmed that capsaicin present in the chilli peppers may actually help a person get rid of this Rhinitis, or the condition where the sinus gets blocked.

    Dr Bernstein and his team of researchers had experimented the use of chili peppers in a group of 44 volunteers. They realized that as far as rhinitis, caused by non-allergic factors is concerned, the patients showed a very prompt response where their blocked sinus was cleared out almost instantly, due to the heat and burning sensation that was produced by the capsaicin present in the peppers. However, Bernstein also stated that the volunteers had to be sedated in order to tolerate the unbearable burning sensation associated with the chemicals in the pepper.

    Before anyone jumps to any unnecessary conclusions, it is important to take note that this pepper-nasal spray solution only works on people who have non allergic rhinitis, and not on the ones who have sinus infections due to an allergic reaction. However, Dr Bernstein states that the use of capsaicin for the purpose of a sinus clearing spray as been approved by the US Food and drug administration.


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