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  • What To Do When He Does Not Want Condom

    13. February 2012

    In sex, condom is such an important item for protection against pregnancy and sexually transmitted infection (STI).

    Despite, it’s importance, sadly not all people are keen on using it during lovemaking. Many of those who are not keen on using condoms insisted that sex with condom is not that exciting without it. Well, most often being the superior sex, men got their way on having sex without condom. If ever, women faces this dilemma in lovemaking how would they deal with it properly?

    (Photo: huntandshoot.com.au)

    Here are some guides to aid, if ever men insisted on not using condom.

    A. Make him wear condom, when both are still sober

    It would be best that you make your appeal to your man when both you and him are still sober. When you expect that your time together will end in bed, it would be best that you tell him in advance that he needs to wear condom. There is strong risk that you end up sex without condom, if ever you will not male your appeal earlier, since both of you might be carried away in the heat of the moment. If your man, refuses to wear condom tell him straight that “You will be more relaxed and happy if He will wear condom since you will not worry about getting pregnant and getting STI. If ever your man, still refuses to wear condom better cancel your lovemaking since the actions just shows that he is not that concern about you.

    B. Stick to your gun

    The key character in asking your partner to wear condom is to be firm with your request. No matter what excuses your mate will narrate, you need to be firm in your decision not to have sex with him without condoms. No matter what the amount of pressures, he will implore on you, you need to be firm to avoid potential negative result of your wrong decisions. Well, actually you have two options, first: you can still continue your terms of endearment, but avoid penetrative sex or cut short your intimate moment together. With these two options, I am hopeful women can persuade their man to wear condom always while  having sex.


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