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  • Johnny Depp And Meryl Streep Backs Move To Lower Rating Of “Bullying” Film

    14. March 2012

    Hollywood A-lister Johnny Depp has expressed full support to lower down the R rating of a bullying film. (Photo: broadsheet.ie)

    Hollywood superstars Johnny Depp and Meryl Streep have decided to support the call to lower down the lower R rating of a documentary film investigates the social issue of bullying.

    Depp and Meryl Streep have both decided to sign the petition for the lowering down of the rating of the film bully so that children below 17 years old can watch it. Earlier, the Motion Picture Association of America earlier rated the film R because of the language used in the film.

    Sources said the producers of the film already appealed for the downgrading of the rating but it was denied by the censors board. To ensure the movie will be watched by minors, the producers decided to make the petition which was luckily got the support of Depp and Streep. Aside from the producers and actors, some teenagers in the United States are also making an online petition so that the rating of the film will be lowered.


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