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  • 62 Million Foreign Tourists Visited US In 2011

    22. March 2012

    Some 62 million foreign tourists visited the United States in 2011. (Photo: english.ahram.org.eg)

    The current economy of United States might not look good, but Americans still had many reasons to be happy the past year.

    According to reports, 62 million tourists around the world toured the US in 2011. The US Commerce Department said the high volume of tourists lead to 103,000 additional jobs to Americans the previous years.

    The Commerce Department revealed the Canadians were the primary tourists who visited the country last year with 21 million Canadians crossing the border. Tourism experts said many Canadians visited the US the past year, since the Canadian dollar is much stronger than the American dollar for most part of 2011.

    Aside from the Canadians, 608,000 additional visitors in 2011 came from Western European countries, for a total of nearly 12 million, and about a half-million more from South America for a record 3.76 million. Moreover, millions of visitors came from Asia the past year.

    Commerce Secretary John Bryson expressed joy on the increased number of foreign tourists who visited America the past year. Bryson said more tourists means more jobs available for Americans. He said it had always been the policy of president Barrack Obama to lure foreigners to visit America to bring more money to the economy of their country.


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