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  • No More Head-gears For Male Amateur Boxers In June

    23. March 2013

    The use of head-gear in amateur boxing will be banned starting in June.(online.wsj.com)

    To protect amateur boxers competing around the world against physical harm, the International Boxing Association (AIBA) is set to ban in June the use of head-gears among amateur boxers worldwide.

    AIBA said the lack of headgear would reduce the risk of concussion among amateur boxers. AIBA explained that boxers won’t hit their opponent’s head so hard if it’s not protected by a headgear. The governing body of amateur boxers around the world also said that head-gears also obscure peripheral vision, making it harder to see when a blow is being aimed at the side of the head.

    The AIBA clarified that the rule on applies among male amateur boxers and not on women amateur boxers. The AIBA made the new rule after the research they made on 15,000 boxers, half of whom had competed with headgear and half without. Based on their research AIBA discovered that in the 7,352 rounds that took place with boxers wearing headgear, the rate of concussion was 0.38 per cent, compared with 0.17 per cent per boxer per round in the 7,545 rounds without headgear.

    According to reports, amateur boxers have been required to wear headgear since the 1980s after concerns about concussion. AIBA hoped the new rule will be successful in preventing harm among amateur boxers competing around the world. AIBA also hoped the new rule will be accepted by amateur boxers around the globe.

    Sources from the internet state that AIBA is a sport organization that sanctions amateur (Olympic-style) boxing matches and awards world and subordinate championships. Boxing experts revealed that recently, AIBA has been trying to build its own professional version of boxing, where boxers would retain their Olympic eligibility, through the team tournament league known as World Series of Boxing and planned AIBA Pro Boxing.

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