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    03. June 2011

    Our nails are unique such that they define the beauty of our fingers or toes hence caring for them is very important,most ladies folks have already grasped this important aspect of beauty but most of males still in the woods on this important aspect of body care,I want to direct this article mostly for the male folks today.
    Since most times we men our feets are enclosed in our office shoes and even in our sports shoes on weekends,whether to the gym or out jogging,our feets usually suffer the toll of unwanted dead skin cells,ingrowth corns and cuticles.you can take care of your toe nails and feet by the following measures:
    1] Pay a visit to a nail technician who will advice you on how to take care of your toes and nails effectively.
    2] Let your nails be pedicured at least once a month or utmost within two months period,so the ingrowth corns and cuticles can be controlled even eliminated,most of the dead cells at the sole of your feet and toes will also be taken care of in the process,this will always leave your toe nails in a good shape and they will grow orderly and also make your feet always clean.
    3] Then you will have to choose the right feet ware suited for your feet,you can consult a theraphist on this,for instance you must make a right selection of shoes for jogging,for the gym and just for walking,the in free time put on open shoes.check on future articles on this topic………..

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    Written by Michael Ogalo

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