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  • 4 Things That Can Ruin A Date

    29. September 2011

    Going on dates is such a pleasant experience so make sure you will not ruin this special day in your life. (Photo: meetingwomensecrets.com)

    Having a date is a special event for a person’s life. Most of those having a date wished that everything will go smoothly on the special occasion. In reality sad to say but not all dates is a success. To get victory in a date there are four things you need to avoid.

    1. Eating too much

    To enjoy your date and get handsome rewards in the end you should be careful on the foods you eat. Make sure during your date your food intake is just normal in order not to ruin your date. If a person is focus more on eating than the actual date itself there is a very big tendency that your talk will be minimized which could be bad for the date. Always remember a date is a time to spend time and know someone better so better focus on the agenda at hand and not on the foods to take. The trick here is just to be calm and confident and to watch your food intake.

    2. Constant talk with your date

    Like what I said earlier, a date is the special occasion we spend time to know a person better.To achieve in this purpose you need to constantly talk with your date. To go on date is not easy that result in nervousness that will hinder our chance to talk more to our date. If you are a person who experiences nervousness especially in talking to people you need to carefully plan and rehearsed your date. Make sure when you are on a date you can talk more to your date in whatever topics the two of you might discuss. Your date will surely have a positive impression on you if your date conversation is marvelous.

    3. Unusual body movements

    One embarrassing tendency in a date is the unusual body movements caused by nervousness of the person going on a date. It is not good to look for the public most especially from your date if you drum your fingers on the table or the knee shake. What is bad about this type of movements is the fact that most of these are done subconsciously which means it hard to avoid. To counter this, a person just need to be fully aware of his body so that when this tendency starts to occur you can immediately focus yourself to the conversation and not allow this thing to ruin your date.

    4. Too much drinks

    Drinking too much is a big no in almost all occasions especially during a date. One or two drinks is fine but beyond this number could be disastrous for a person going on a date.If you drink too many the possibility of getting drunk and losing control of yourself is very much likely. If you want to leave impression with your date better be sober and avoid drinking too many.


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    Written by Romeo Braceros

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    Simple Ways To Keep The Love Alive Inside Marriages

    29. September 2011

    Keeping the love alive in marriages is not easy, but it can be done if there is commitment and love between couples. (Photo: tadias.com)

    Keeping the love alive inside marriages is not an easy feat considering that an estimated 50 percent of marriages ends in divorce today. Although, it is not easy keeping the fire of love a flame among devoted couples could still be done by following some simple guides.

    1. Prioritize dates

    One of the reasons why a number of marriages end up in divorce is the failure of the couple to spend quality time together which result in boredom and unfaithfulness. Even if the devoted  couples are already married they should find ways to spend special moment together to rekindle and strengthen their marriage bond. During  date couples will be given the chance to know each other better and to express how much they care for each other. Despite their schedules couple should find time to go on dates to some good places such as the aquarium, zoo, museum, carnival, bookstore, beach or park.

    2. Express your love regularly

    One common mistakes of divorced couples is losing the chance to regularly express their love to each other during their marriage. Many couples forgot that being married does not mean the time to say I love you is already a forgotten past on account of your married status. Devoted couples should constantly affirm their love for each other in their relationship by complementing and expressing their love for each other. Constant expression of love will not only strengthen your relationship but will also promote romance among couples.

    3. Understand your partner

    One key ingredient in keeping your marriage strong is to be patient always with your partner. It is a reality that being patient in all instances is not easy especially dealing with our own partners. If ever your patience is being tested in marriage just remember that you need to keep your cool for the sake of your relationship, children and love. To fully understand your partner require time to do some researched on information regarding your partner especially on the things that your partner love to do.

    4. Take time to discuss family matters constantly

    To avoid conflicts in marriage, couples should take time to discuss matter concerning their family such as finances, career plans, children and other matters that affect them as couples. Allow each other to share opinions on the particular  matters being discussed. After hearing each others opinions take time to have a peaceful compromised if ever there are matters that needs to be resolved.


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    Written by Romeo Braceros

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    Toyota Production Moves Up In August

    28. September 2011

    The production of Toyota Motor Corporation rose in August to the delight of its employees and executives. (Photo: topnews.in)

    In the wake of the global financial crisis, Toyota Motor Corporation has reasons to smile and to be optimistic these days.

    Toyota said based on their assessment their global production increased for the first time in a year in August. The biggest automaker in Japan is very happy with the latest data since they are on the road to recovery after the March 11 earthquake and tsunami in 2011.

    According to the data released by the company, Toyota’s production rose to  10.6 percent from a year earlier to 626,817 vehicles. The company revealed production rose at both domestic and overseas factories, especially in South Africa, Australia, Asia and Europe.

    Toyota said their exports of passenger cars also climbed 15 percent, but domestic sales fell more than 25 percent. Moreover, the company said they are preparing to ramp up production in the coming months to make up for losses caused by the March earthquake and tsunami, which wiped out auto parts suppliers.

    Between October and March 2012, it plans to build an extra 350,000 vehicles. Toyota was founded by Kiichiro Toyoda in 1937 as a spin-off from his father’s company Toyota Industries to create automobiles.

    Three years earlier, in 1934, while still a department of Toyota Industries, it created its first product, the Type A engine, and, in 1936, its first passenger car, the Toyota AA. Toyota Motor Corporation group companies are Toyota (including the Scion brand), Lexus, Daihatsu and Hino Motors, along with several “non-automotive” companies. TMC is part of the Toyota Group, one of the largest conglomerates in the world.


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    Written by Romeo Braceros

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    10 Ways To Make Relationship A Success

    21. September 2011

    To make relationship a success couples must do their part to make their bond a success. A lot of relationship among couples today end in disaster due to the failure of parties involved to resolve whatever conflicts they have for each other. To avoid becoming one of the list of unsuccessful couples here are 10 steps you could do to last lang in your relationship.

    (Photo: eharmony.co.uk)

    1. Build friendship

    To have strong success in relationship it would be best if couples have a strong foundation in friendship.Whatever conflicts that will come in the couples way cannot easily destroy their relationship due to their genuine friendship and love. The strong bond shared by the couple will shield their relationship from whatever challenges they will face in life.

    2.  Share a laugh together

    Couples who love to smile and joked around with each other has a high tendency to last long in their relationship. The jolly nature of these type of couples could weaken the stronghold of problems that will come their way. Simply things such as silly names and regular crack of jokes could spell a lot of difference in the relationship success of couples.

    3. Proper Communication

    One key ingredient in a successful relationship is proper communication among couples. Couples should always open their communication lines to each other to avoid and resolve conflicts in their relationship.

    4. Share the household chores

    Obviously one common problems among couples is the failure of one of the parties to help in the household chores. Most often, if this problem is not given resolution it result in conflicts and worse separation among couples. To avoid facing conflicts within a relationship each of the couple should learn to help one another. Couples must realized that part of their love for each other is the willingness to help in every available household task.

    5. Sexual satisfaction

    One of the perks or beauty in a relationship is the sexual aspect of it. But this so called sexual reward oftentimes is the cause of rift among couples which lead to separation. To avoid sexual problems in a relationship, couples must learn the art of compromise with regards to their sexual needs. If ever the couple has an opposing sexual desires they should find ways to do something to make sure of each is sexually satisfied in their relationship.

    6. Regular expression of love

    To avoid boredom and keep the fire burning in a relationship each of the couple should express their love regularly. The expression of intimacy do not necessarily mean sex but just simple signs of endearment such as a kiss, hug, sit on the lap or the giving of a gift. Constant expression of love in a relationship will strengthen the bond of love between couples.

    7. Avoid criticism, contempt in relationship

    Aside from sexual incompatibility, one suspect in broken relationships is the critical and contemptuous characters of one of the couples. A person who love to criticized and make fun of another person will certainly result in conflict and loss of love and respect for each other. To avoid heated arguments in relationship couple should avoid criticizing and saying defamatory words to each other.

    8. Build friendship with other people

    To grow as a person couples should strive hard to forge friendship with other couples or persons other than their partner. Having lots of friends will  make a person have more self esteem and worth. If a person is happy and confident would also result in a smooth relationship with a partner. The friends you have will not only build your character but will also help you when your relationship is on a crossroads.

    9. Be truthful and reliable

    Couples should strive hard to be always truthful and reliable in a relationship. If one of the couples had pledge to do something that project must be fulfilled in order to make the other party happy and contented. Many couples today suffer problems since one or both of them had not been truthful on their promise. Creating an environment of truthfulness will certainly strengthen the relationship of couples.

    10. Set your goals in relationship

    Most successful couples owe their strong relationship to the fact that they both share the same goals in their lives. Couples who have set their goals in place have less or even avoided arguments since their line of vision for the future are in union with each other. Man and his woman should always do things together and think themselves as a team to last long in their relationship.

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    Written by Romeo Braceros

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    Taiwan Gets Boost In Defense With $5.85 Billion US Military Weapons Upgrade

    20. September 2011

    Taiwan hopes to improve its military arsenal to protect its territory from possible attacks from China. (Photo: mulrickillion.wordpress.com)

    The military defense of Taiwan from possible military attacks from China just got a much needed boost.

    This developed after the United States government is set to approved through Congress the request of their Asian ally to supply new arms and sophisticated radar gear for its existing F-16 fighter fleet as part of an upgrade package valued at up to $5.85 billion. According to reports, the US military will formally inform Congress on the request Taiwan this week.

    A US military official said Taiwan made the appeal to buy new military weapons in the wake of the growing military power of China. The official revealed the upgraded A/B models would have essentially the same capabilities as the C/D version Taiwan had sought at a lower price.

    Taiwan and China are at odds politically since the latter wants to control Taiwan as its territory. However, Taiwan asserted that they are an independent nation and not part of China. Military experts said if Taiwan achieves its goal of buying new weapons from US, the defense the highly industrialized island is made even stronger against possible attacks from China.


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    Written by Romeo Braceros

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    Rumor: Facebook To Announce Partnership With Hulu

    18. September 2011

    Facebook is set to announce new features of TV and movie contents sharing on the widely popular social networking website. (Photo: hotclub101.com)

    Facebook had to face problems of losing millions of users due to the search giant Google’s social networking site, Google+. A recent threat from the hacker group Anonymous, through a video clip, is also a big reason to worry for Facebook. Ultimately, Facebook is now in a fix. However, in this situation, to gather more users, the CEO of the social networking giant, Mark Zuckerberg, is going to launch new features, sharing TV and movie contents on Facebook, at the f8 developer conference next week, according to a rumor.

    The main theme of the conference is to highlight a new music service. On the other hand, according to the rumor, Facebook is also going to strengthening its relation with premium TV content service, Hulu, in the conference.

    The new features would help users to see what their friends are watching on Hulu and share video content between their personal Facebook networks. Hulu will provide free content with a simple content sharing facility. Hulu also has a pay tier site named Hulu Plus, which has been offering free use for a month to encourage users to connect their Hulu accounts to Facebook.

    The source believes that though Facebook didn’t take the first step to form partnerships, it may select other video providers. However, there are also some premium TV content providers in the list of Facebook board members. “One source familiar with the conversations said Netflix is also very close to Facebook. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings is on the Facebook board, but because Netflix is a subscription site, is more difficult to integrate,” according to the New York Post.

    There is no doubt, the new step would be very effective to gather more users on Facebook. Obviously, a successful relation with the social networking giant Facebook will bring more video traffic for the sites.


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    Written by Rajib Dey

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    Want To Get Pregnant? Think Again!

    17. September 2011

    Before you get pregnant make sure you are fully ready for it. (Photo: pregnancy.more4kids.info)

    To have their own baby or be pregnant is a desire shared by many women today. Many women, especially those in their late 20′s want to have a baby to call as their son or daughter. Well, to have a baby is indeed great, but before you allow yourself to be pregnant be prepared here are some interesting tip you could apply in your pregnancy.

    A. Emotional maturity

    If you wish to be pregnant, make sure you are emotionally mature to handle the responsibilities involved in being a mother of a kid. When you decide to be pregnant, make sure it is of a good reason not just because you want to be happy and have a companion when you grow old. It is enshrined in the United Nations that, to raise a child make sure you have all the resources needed to make him/her happy and contended in your home. Being a mother is not easy, especially in dealing with the nature of a child, make sure you are emotionally stable to cope up with your kid.

    B. Good place to stay

    Having a good place for a child to stay is a must do activity for those women who wish to be pregnant. If you do not have a house yet, or living in a small house with your parents, you need to forget your desire to be pregnant. Make sure you have a house and the financial capabilities to start your own family, if you wish to be pregnant. Remember it would be too sad for a child if his/her house is not a good place to stay.

    C. Financial power

    Another important issue to consider in having a kid, is the cost it requires to ensure the well being of your child. If you decide to get pregnant, make sure you have sufficient money to answer all the needs of the child. Make sure you can provide the food, shelter and education needs of your child. The cost of giving birth is also not cheap today, so if you decide to be pregnant, make sure you have the money needed for the medical operation. Well, the keyword is money, if you do not have been sufficient it would be best that you refrain from getting pregnant.

    D. Long term plans

    Raising your own kid is not a short route to take, but rather a very long journey ahead. Make sure you have a long range plan ahead to make sure your kid will grow smoothly and without any problems. Always bear in mind, that your child will undergo various stages in life until he becomes an adult, so proper planning is of great importance.

    E. Seek advice

    Before deciding on getting pregnant, make sure you seek advice from your family and friends. Getting pregnant is a very complicated situation to encounter, which is why advices from adults is of great essence. Although, getting pregnant is a personal choice, it would be best that before you plunge into the situation you get sound advice from the right persons.


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    Written by Romeo Braceros

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    WikiLeaks Announced Auction To Raise Funds

    17. September 2011

    WikiLeaks recently announced an online auction on eBay to sell memorabilia from WikiLeaks. (Photo: thelede.blogs.nytimes.com)

    The renowned website WikiLeaks, which exposes the documents of the governments’ websites, and several financial companies from anonymous news sources, has been facing shortage of funds as PayPal stop funding it since 2010. To get rid of the problem, the founder of the website, Julian Assange, announced that it begun an online auction on eBay, on September 16.

    WikiLeaks has put up 10 pieces of memorabilia linked with its founder and the disclosure secrets of leaked American diplomatic cables by WikiLeaks. Among these 10 items, an ‘Exclusive’ portrait of Assange accompanying a text- “Julian A, Ellingham Hall, 10 July 2011” was set at a starting price of $947. He signed the photograph at his 40th birthday.

    The items also include a package of coffee from Assange’s time in a London jail, a ‘CableGate computer’ used ‘to prepare the cables for media partners and releases’, a gourmet meal prepared by Sarah Saunders, a chef and a friend of Mr. Assange’s, and a diplomatic cable from Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton to the United Nations, signed and fingerprinted by Mr. Assange, according to the New York Times. The minimum starting price is $315 for the coffee package and the highest starting price is $500000 for the computer.

    In press release WikiLeaks admin wrote, “The blockade against WikiLeaks violates individuals’ freedom of conscience and consumer’s rights to exercise their choice of which organization to support with their own money. Crucially, this unprecedented mixing of politics and finance also threatens the future existence of all non-profit organizations. All now risk having their financial lifelines arbitrarily pulled as a result of their commitment to exposing corruption, environmental degradation or war crimes.”

    Mr. Assange had to pass his days in the Ellingham Hall estate in eastern England because of his fight extradition to Sweden on charges of sexual misconduct with two women there. But, he denied all the charges. A London court deferred the hearing in July and has not given any decision yet on whether to extradite him.


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    Written by Rajib Dey

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    Apple: World’s Second Most Valuable Brand

    16. September 2011

    Apple is now the world’s second most valuable brand as of September 2011 statistics. (Photo: m.zdnet.com.au)

    The British brands consulting firm Brand Finance published the list of the world’s most valuable companies or brands in 2011, based on the worth of the brands, on Wednesday, September 15. Google achieved the first place in the ranking. Apple and Microsoft are second and third in the list respectively.

    Brand Finance studied the cash flow and other financial activities of the brands to determine the worth of the brands and charted them according to the value. Google brand value rose 9 percent and the worth of Google’s trademarks and other intellectual property is $48.3 billion.

    This year Apple is the most successful company and its brand is worth $39.3 billion as the new chat, which is about 33 percent more than the previous statistics. Apple, for the first time, passed Microsoft, IBM, Wal-Mart, and General Electronics.

    On the other hand, Microsoft dropped to the third place with a brand worth $39 billion, which is 9 percent less than the value of the last year. However, it is predicted that the upcoming Windows 8 may raise the value of the brand.

    Below the top three, the top ten includes IBM, Wal-Mart, General Electronic, AT&T, Coca-Cola, Wells Fargo, and Bank of America respectively. For the first time, in the list, all of the top four brands are tech bands, according to reports.


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    Written by Rajib Dey

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    Proper Ways To Deal With Forbidden Love

    11. September 2011

    Being in love is okay but dealing with forbidden love is not easy it needs total commitment between lovers. (Photo: davedubrow.com)

    Having a relationship is such a great feeling especially if we really love the person. However, sadly not all relationship are what they seem to be due to problems couples faces such as age gap, religion, social status and standing among others. If age, religion, social status and standing enters into the picture in a relationship more often such type of bond is considered a forbidden love. Most of us as much as possible hate to have a forbidden love affair, but if fate allow you to experience it, how would you take it? Here are some tips on how to properly handle this situation if it comes to you.

    A. Proper communication

    Hiding a relationship from your family and the prying eyes of the public is not an easy task. Having a relationship that is considered taboo certainly offers huge problems and challenges to the concerned couple. To cope up with the difficult situation, couples should have a good communication lines with each other.  The couple should discuss their situation properly and hear each others side on the matter. Each of  the couple should set the barometer of their relationship to determine the expectation and concern of each other.

    B. Seek guidance from friends

    In a difficult situation like having a forbidden relationship it would be best to have your friends at your side.Friends always play a crucial role in every difficult situation to make life easy for their buddy in need. At first it is understandable that your friend will advise you to stop that relationship, but if you tell that you care and love your mate, they will eventually understand in the end. It would be best  to battle the storm with your friends at your side right?

    C. Solace from family

    More than anyone else in this planet, it is our family that really wish us all the best in life.It would just be appropriate that we allow them to give us advice on this problem you are dealing at the moment. Your family might oppose your relationship but they are still your life they deserve to know your situation and offer solution to it. You might not like the reaction of your family but you have to take their advise as major consideration in your decision.

    D. Attraction or love?

    With your present situation of having a forbidden love affair it is time for you to examine yourself to determine if what you felt for the person is love or just pure attraction. Sometimes, entering in a forbidden relationship is not base on love but merely on the thrill of taking risk in a relationship. If you want a long relationship better take a deeper look in yourself if you really truly love this person. If you realized that you do not really totally love this person it is time to end the relationship and find love from someone else.

    E. Be closer to each other

    If what you feel for each other is indeed real love then you need to be closer to each other in your difficult situation. They say the strength of the couple is tested during trying and challenging times right?If both of you share the same heart and mind then fight for your love and you will reap rewards in the end. The hardships and difficult situations you face in your relationship will not only keep you together but will also develop your over-all personality.


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    Written by Romeo Braceros

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    Switzerland Is Most Competitive Nation In The World Today

    08. September 2011

    Switzerland is one of the places on earth that people need to live since the scenic country is considered as the most competitive nation today. (Photo: switzerland-trips.com)

    If there is one country that continue to grow amids the global economic crisis, that nation would definitely be Switzerland.

    According to the latest data from the World Economic Forum report, Switzerland ranked first in the most competitive economies in the world today. The data is taken from the survey among 14,000 executives in 142 countries and 12 categories which includes institutions; infrastructure; economic environment;health and primary education; higher education and training; goods market efficiency; labor market efficiency; financial market development; technological readiness; market size; business sophistication; and innovation.

    On the same report, it was discovered that the United States only ranked fifth, a notch lower to their fourth place ranking last year. Klaus Schwab, founder and chairman of the forum explained the low ranking of the US could be attributed to their weak economy and the low trust rating of its officials.

    Taking the second place in the prestigious list is Singapore. The forum said the  results show that while competitiveness in advanced economies has stagnated over recent years, it has improved in many emerging markets, helping their economies to become more robust and mirroring the shift in economic activity from the West to developing economies.

    Switzerland expressed joy over their position in the list and they hope to retain their standing next year. Switzerland is a federal republic consisting of 26 cantons, with Bern as the seat of the federal authorities. The country is situated in Western Europe, where it is bordered by Germany to the north, France to the west, Italy to the south, and Austria and Liechtenstein to the east. Switzerland is also the birthplace of the Red Cross and home to a large number of international organizations, including the second largest UN office.


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    Written by Romeo Braceros

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