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    General terms and conditions of the online-magacine Rockefeller Beauty&Lifestyle with the domain www.rockefeller-news.com


    The Website www.rockefeller-news.com including all it’s subdomains is an offer of:

    Rockefeller Magazin
    A business of West Immo Invest
    Commercial register no. HRB 118218 B

    Based in:

    Friedrichstraße 171
    10117 Berlin
    Tel.: +4930 9203832536
    Fax: +4930 9203832537
    Mobile Germany: 0049 (0) 15125977341
    E-Mail: office@rockefeller-news.com

    Office Austria (Administration):

    Marktstraße 10/18
    6850 Dornbirn
    Court of jurisdiction: Dornbirn
    Tel.: +43 (0) 5572 372299 0
    Mobile: +43 (0) 664 79988886
    Fax.: +43 (0) 5572 372299

    In the following Text just called „Rockefeller magacine“

    Judicial advice of usage

    The Judicial advice of usage applies for the website www.rockefeller-news and for all the inactive services of the carrier. They can be modified any time. If the user, knowing about such changes, continues the usage of these services, then this counts as an acceptance of the modified advice. Any judicial advices of usage by different persons have no prevalence, except the carrier accepts this explicit in written form.

    Actually our services are offered free of charge. The carrier is free to arrogate a fee for stopping a offered service. Change or deletion of information and data is free to the carrier at any time without statement.

    Rockefeller Magacine is doing it’s best to offer permanent availability according to the rules.

    The carrier takes no liability for permanent availability of it’s services, interruptions, delays or mistakes during transmission, loss or deletion, viruses, mistreatment, accuracy, actuality and totality of data for damage that might occur using the data or the services.

    It’s prohibited to inadmissibly access computers, services, servers or networks. The user is not allowed to offer or to solicit products or services for commercial use. Advertisment, competitions, opinion polls or similar competitions are prohibited without former acceptance by the carrier.
    Further, we do not take liability for our services to be compatible with the user’s technical equipment.


    1) The carrier is exclusively responsible for articles that he made, published and spreaded by himself. Rockefeller Magacine has produced it’s own content by best concience and does not take responsebility for their accuracy, completeness, actuality nor lawfulness. Rockefeller Magacine has no influence on layouts and contents which are linked to external websites and is not committed to verify these.

    2) As far as there are recallable contents of third partys being provided or opened to public, the carrier does not take liability in any form; not for it’s content, actuality, accuracy or reliability, and also not for eventual literal errors or transmission failures.
    Insertions of third partys do not represent a binding offer of the carrier. If it comes to a contract, this contract counts exclusively between the advertiser and the user that takes the offer. The carrier does not take response for fitness of the offered goods or services, the completion or non-establishment of the contract or business and eventual requirements in any form in relation to it.

    3) Under no circumstances is the carrier responsible for any kind of damage or loss that my occur by the user trust in information that he got using these services.

    4) If demands of any kind that come from inputs of third partys appear, the user has to demand it directly from this third party, and not from the carrier.

    5) For damage that the carrier has to be responsible for by federal law, the carrier does only guarantee in case of deliberate intention and negligence. As long as it’s not forced by law, the carrier does not take any kind of liability for demands that reach outside of this, such as escaped benefit, loss of interest, harm or consequential harm caused by defect, harm by dealy, ideally damage, damage of a third party.

    6) Links leading from and to the services of the carrier may not hurt the rights of third partys. Links to those services must be tagged as external links and have to depict whole Sites (including Navigation frame). It is forbidden to take it over into own frames. As long as the user creates links to other websites, the carrier does not take any reponsibility, not for the content (for example mistaken or imperfect content, ethical contempt, etc.) of these websites nor for damage that may occur by using linked information of third partys.

    The rights of thirds:

    The user accepts that there exist rights like ownership, copyright and other rights for the website and all it’s contents such as text, information, photos, logos, brands, layout etc. The usage is only allowed accounting legal requirements. Advices or tags may not be removed, changed or garbled without permission of the beneficiary. Every kind of commercial use, commercial disclosure, copy, spreading, collection or addition of directories – not matter in what kind or form (print, internet, online, CD-ROM) and the saving and accordingly collection in a data base or as edition needs the previous acceptance of the rights owner.

    Harmless and uncomplainingly

    The carrier is hold Harmless and uncomplaining by the user if it comes to demands by a third party because of injured rights or other cases.
    Deletion of content, collaboration with the authorities:
    1) The carrier is not able to check content from third partys previously. As the carrier gets knowledge about content which harms civil- or criminal law or is against public policy, he will delete this content. Hereunto count content with illegal purpose, annoying behaviour, pornographic, racist, nationalsocialist or anticonstitutionalist content. Added is also the usage of language which is felt vulgar, abusive or hostile by the carrier. In case of a deletion or blocking of the access, the affected user has no right to claim emolument in any form.
    2) The carrier reserves to delete names or contents, blocking users and to collaborate with national authorities who do examinations in matters of materials which get spread over the service or rely on illegal activities of the user. As this do also count activities in the range of private electronic communication.
    Conclusion of an agreement in distant selling (§§ 5 a – i KSchG):
    Contractors who contract with consumers do have to keep the law § 5c KSchG (Conclusion of an agreement in distant selling), especially before hand-over of the contractual statement.

    Advice to the user referred To § 5 e KSchG:

    1) The user can cancel a contract or a contractual statement until the end of the time limit mentioned in break 2 and 3. It will do it if the cancellation is sent within that time limit.
    2) The time limit for the cancellation is 7 working days; Saturday does not count as a working day. At contracts about the delivery of goods, it begins on the day that the goods reach the consumer, at contracts about the provision of services it starts on the day of the conclusion of the contract.
    3) If the contractor did not fullfill his information duty after § 5d break 1 and 2 KSchG, then the time limit for demission is 3 months, starting from the date mentioned in break 2. If the contractor does not fullfill his informatiuon duty, then the time limit for the demission by the contractor will be the time Limit in break 2. (On the inadmissibility of the right for demission corresponding to § 5 f KSchG is indicated)

    Declaration of approval:

    By using the services of the contractor, the user declares that he agrees to saving and processing any data that he offered and the transmission of information material (via e-mail, telephone, fax) by Rockfeller Magacine about it’s products, activities and similar operations. This agreement can be removed at any time. Furthermore it is admonished to the private policy, which is essential part of this conditions.


    All notices, messages, warnings, reprehensions respective deficits, deadlines or other declarations to be material have to happen in written form. In case of doubt counts the date stamp of a austrian post office.
    Place of fullfillment and exclusive place of trial is Dornbirn. Austrian law is essential, to the exclusion of reference standard of the austrian private law and the UN sales convention.
    As long as single terms of this conditions disagree or are void to urgent statutory provisions, the other provisions still keep their virtue. These conditions are replaced by valid conditions which reach the desired aim as good as possible. This applies also in case of a loophole.

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