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  • Creative Basketball Fan Uses Own Face To Annoy Favorite Team’s Opponent

    16. February 2012

    It is a known fact that basketball fans are one of the greatest supporters in the world.

    Hoop loving fans are willing to do everything to make sure their favorite team or player will win a basketball game. Apparently, a basketball fan who adore the Alabama college basketball team is taking the word fan deep within his heart.

    This developed after an Alabama freshman Jack Blankenship has decided to use his own funny face to distract the opponent of his favorite basketball team. Blankenship said he decided to use his own face to annoy his team’s opponent to be different from others who usually uses the face of celebrities to distract opponents.

    Well, the antic of Blankenship is working quite well as Alabama recently beat Ole Miss on Feb. 4, 69-67 in overtime. The decision of Blankenship to use his own face as annoying team is not only helping his team win but also put him on the limelight as his antic is now shown all over the social media networks.


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    Written by Romeo Braceros

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    Study Shows ‘Sexting’ Is Most Annoying Tech Word Today

    20. October 2011

    The word sexting is considered the most annoying tech word today. (Photo: murraythenut.com)

    If there is a technological term that annoys those people, that word would definitely be “sexting”.

    A recent survey conducted in the United Kingdom, has shown that the word “sexting” topped the list of the most annoying technical term today. Sexting is defined as the sending of sexually explicit photographs or messages by mobile phone.

    The survey was conducted by YouGov for Computeractive magazine. Based on its survey, the magazine found out that 24 percent of those 2,054 adults in the U.K. who responded to their poll has selected sexting as the most annoying tech word.

    Taking the second place in the survey is “intexticated,” with 13 percent of the votes. ”Intexticated” means unable to concentrate while driving due to texting.

    Tech words “Defriend,” “Twittersphere” and “Tweetup” rounded out the top five, respectively. Paul Allen, editor of Computeractive said he is not surprised with the result of the survey since “sexting” can really annoy people.


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    Written by Romeo Braceros

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