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  • A Closer Look At Contraceptives

    12. February 2012

    Condom is considered as the most common type of contraceptive available in the market today. (Photo: inflexwetrust.com)

    To protect women from pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) contraceptives really must buy items.

    When the topic contraceptives is discussed, one of the first things that will prop up in mind is condom. True enough condom is the most popular contraceptives in the planet today.

    The effect of condoms in preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease lies on that it acts as barrier to prevent the sperm cell from entering the womb. There are two types of condoms; the latex condom for men and polyurethane for women.

    Aside from the globally popular condoms, a lot other contraceptives are available in the market today. Here is a rundown to some of the available contraceptives in the planet. Read more »

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    Written by Romeo Braceros

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