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  • Interesting Valentines Day Trivia For All

    14. February 2012

    Cupid is a symbol of love on Valentine's Day. (Photo: free-clipart-graphics.net)

    Valentines Day is such a big affair worldwide specially among lovers. But have you wonder why almost the entire globe are embracing huge this tradition for couples?

    Here are some interesting trivia that will explain why Valentines Day is a red letter occasion for all regardless of age, gender and race. The holiday has takes its origin from Roman mythology to a religious holiday to a day of celebrating love. Romans had the feast of Lupercalia, named after Lupercus, the god of fertility. It happened every year in February and had many parts. There was a sacrificial slaughtering of goats and young dogs, both known for their strong sexual instincts. The sacrifice was to please Lupercus. If the god was happy, he would spare their sheep from his wolves. Read more »

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    Written by Romeo Braceros

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    How To Make Women Happy On Valentines Day

    11. February 2012

    Valentines days is a special occasion in a year lovers love and appreciate.

    Every 14th day of February couples take time to express their love for each other. On this special day for lovers women are treated special by their men by doing special things for her. Most men on Valentines day had one idea in mind to make their partner happy and satisfied.  Here are tips to men who wanted to please their women on V-day.

    (Photo: homeandgardenideas.com)

    A. The ageless romantic dinner for two

    One of the best way to your woman happy on Valentines is to treat her on a romantic dinner for two. The idea might sound classic and old fashioned but you must remember this romantic gesture has had been practiced for years due to its effectively. What a way to celebrate the special day for lover by partaking a sumptuous meal together.

    B. Cruise romance

    If you time and money you can also treat your woman to a romantic date inside a luxury cruise. Buy two tickets and have them delivered to her accompanied by a bouquet of flowers. Once you are already inside the luxury cruise you can give her chocolate or a pair of sex toys to further spiced up your time together. This romantic idea will not only create smile on your woman but will also provide long lasting impression on her. Read more »

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    Written by Romeo Braceros

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    10 Ways To Be Happy On V-Day With Someone Or Not

    08. February 2012

    Valentines day is worth celebrating with or without someone at your side. (Photo: gift2valentine.com)

    VALENTINE’S day is a red letter day for lovers all over the globe.

    But for some singles this day is a dreadful experience they want to forget.  Actually there is no reason to be sorry on Valentines day regardless if you are single or not since the occasion is intended for all.

    Here are 10 tips to guide you make this day extra special regardless if you are single or not.

    1. Love is year round not one day

    If you are a single person on Valentines day you must not feel bad about it and think you are such a loser. Instead of feeling sorry for being single think positive and instill in your mind that Valentines day is not only a one day affair but rather a year round celebration. You must embrace a frame of mind that eventhough you are alone on this day you can still show your love to your family and friends. To those who will celebrate Valentines day with someone to love on their side just a simple reminder keep your fire of love beyond this day. Couples must express their love everyday not only on the love month to keep the fire of their passion burning.

      Read more »

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    Written by Romeo Braceros

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    4 Special Gifts For Your Lover On Valentines Day

    06. February 2012

    A box of chocolate can certainly make your special someone very happy on Valentines Day. (Photo: claudiadenobrega.wordpress.com)

    THE MONTH of February is considered a red letter day for lovers.

    Love is definitely in the air when February comes especially on the 14th day of that month. In the 365 or 366 days in a year, the 14th day of February is the one special occasion lovers all over the globe look forward to spend time and express their adoration for each other.

    To make this day extra-special here are four gifts you can give to your partner for her or him to feel how much you care and love.

    1. Give roses

    There is no special day to delight your partner on Valentines day by sending him or her a flower; accompanied with loving and naughty messages to show how much you care.

    2. Send Valentines cards

    To make your cards special, personally write the message you want to convey to your lover by telling him or her how special they are to you.

    3. A box of chocolates

    Give your lover a box of chocolate and as an added treat allow her to eat it off your body by placing the chocolate your hands or lips. This gift will not only provide her smile but will also awaken her passion to love you more.

     4. Buy her a lingerie

    Your woman will be very delighted if you will give her sexy lingerie. During your special time together she will wear it to drive you crazy in loving her more.


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    Written by Romeo Braceros

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    Proper Ways To Deal With Forbidden Love

    11. September 2011

    Being in love is okay but dealing with forbidden love is not easy it needs total commitment between lovers. (Photo: davedubrow.com)

    Having a relationship is such a great feeling especially if we really love the person. However, sadly not all relationship are what they seem to be due to problems couples faces such as age gap, religion, social status and standing among others. If age, religion, social status and standing enters into the picture in a relationship more often such type of bond is considered a forbidden love. Most of us as much as possible hate to have a forbidden love affair, but if fate allow you to experience it, how would you take it? Here are some tips on how to properly handle this situation if it comes to you.

    A. Proper communication

    Hiding a relationship from your family and the prying eyes of the public is not an easy task. Having a relationship that is considered taboo certainly offers huge problems and challenges to the concerned couple. To cope up with the difficult situation, couples should have a good communication lines with each other.  The couple should discuss their situation properly and hear each others side on the matter. Each of  the couple should set the barometer of their relationship to determine the expectation and concern of each other.

    B. Seek guidance from friends

    In a difficult situation like having a forbidden relationship it would be best to have your friends at your side.Friends always play a crucial role in every difficult situation to make life easy for their buddy in need. At first it is understandable that your friend will advise you to stop that relationship, but if you tell that you care and love your mate, they will eventually understand in the end. It would be best  to battle the storm with your friends at your side right?

    C. Solace from family

    More than anyone else in this planet, it is our family that really wish us all the best in life.It would just be appropriate that we allow them to give us advice on this problem you are dealing at the moment. Your family might oppose your relationship but they are still your life they deserve to know your situation and offer solution to it. You might not like the reaction of your family but you have to take their advise as major consideration in your decision.

    D. Attraction or love?

    With your present situation of having a forbidden love affair it is time for you to examine yourself to determine if what you felt for the person is love or just pure attraction. Sometimes, entering in a forbidden relationship is not base on love but merely on the thrill of taking risk in a relationship. If you want a long relationship better take a deeper look in yourself if you really truly love this person. If you realized that you do not really totally love this person it is time to end the relationship and find love from someone else.

    E. Be closer to each other

    If what you feel for each other is indeed real love then you need to be closer to each other in your difficult situation. They say the strength of the couple is tested during trying and challenging times right?If both of you share the same heart and mind then fight for your love and you will reap rewards in the end. The hardships and difficult situations you face in your relationship will not only keep you together but will also develop your over-all personality.


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    Written by Romeo Braceros

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