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  • Quick Response Codes Used For Fashion Illustrations By Yiying Lu

    08. August 2011

    10 most intriguing in fashion

    Yiying Lu illustrates 10 most intriguing fashion faces and incorporate it with QR codes. (Photo: walls360.com)

    The artist and Twitter’s Fail Whale icon creator, Yiying Lu, was recently selected to create a featured story titled “10 Most Intriguing in Fashion” for the US fashion and culture magazine “Meets Obsession.”

    Instead of creating a regular artwork for the magazine Lu decided to create an artwork combining the art and technology by making Quick Response (QR) codes as part of the drawings. She said to the Mashable, “I am personally obsessed with the interplay between art and technology, and between digital content and real world content, and this project brings this all together in an innovative and interactive way.”

    The ten persons who are featured for the magazine are Andrej Pejic, Anna Dello Russo, Anna Wintour, Chloë Sevigny, Dov Charney, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Nicola Formichetti, Rick Genest, Sarah Burton and Terry Richardson. Where Marry-Kate and Ashley Olsen are twins and are considered as one name.

    The main incredible things in her artworks for the Meets Obsession Magazine is that all of the artworks are featured with a QR codes and when the readers scan the codes then it will lead the readers to Yiying Lu’s website where they can download all of the digital versions of Lu’s artworks.

    By praising the artworks of Lu, the publisher and chief editor of Meet Obsession Magazine, Jacqy Law, said, “Yiying Lu is incredibly talented and her illustrations for our inaugural issue are an inspiring mix of high-fashion and high-technology.”


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    Written by Rajib Dey

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