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  • China’s School Bus Donation To Macedonia Hit

    08. December 2011

    The decision of the Chinese government to donate 32 school buses to Macedonia has been criticized by some of its people. (Photo: chinabuses.org)

    The kindness of the Chinese government to donate 23 school buses to the small country of Macedonia is criticized by some Chinese residents around the world.

    The Chinese critics were not happy with the decision of their government to donate the buses since such action is “ill-considered”. The critics said it quite ironic that their government still has the heart to donate the 35-seater buses yet they have a poor safety records on transportation.

    In social networking websites, the Chinese residents said instead of donating the buses the government should first improve the road safety condition of the country. The public said it is deplorable for the government to show concern to the welfare of other countries than its own people.

    The critics said the recent death of 19 Chinese preschoolers due to a bus accident is a strong indication that the country need to do something to address the situation. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei defended the donation saying the buses were provided under a 2010 agreement.

    He said Macedonia had been kind to China when it provided foreign aid to them during a major earthquake in Sichuan in 2008. The Chinese official said now is the time for China to give back to Macedonia for their earlier kindness given to them. Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao for his part pledge that new rules on school bus safety would be drafted within a month and said central and local governments will bear the cost of bringing buses up to standard.


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    Written by Romeo Braceros

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