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  • Lady Gaga’s YouTube Account Has Been Suspended!

    15. July 2011

    Lady Gaga

    The Queen of YouTube Lady Gaga (third from right) take a pose with the popular Japanese boy-band Smap. (Photo: vibe.com)

    The Queen of YouTube Lady Gaga’s YouTube account has been suspended temporarily and the suspension was due to several violations of the copyright policy of the Google-owned YouTube.

    Lady Gaga, 25, one of the most powerful women according to Forbes magazine, posted the video footage of the performance on the Japanese show named “SMAP x SMAP,” which was broadcasted on the Fuji Television Network, according to the report of the Time Out Tokyo. She performed the songs from her new album “Born This Way” along with the Japanese band SMAP.

    The ten minutes video clip of her performance featured a medley of songs which broke the copyright policy. In the clip, Lady Gaga appears wearing an elaborate black dust mask and sings the song “the Edge of Glory” where the members of the band SMAP behind Gaga.

    The Time Out Tokyo reports that the angry bosses of Media Interactive Inc. requested the search giant Google to rip down the Gaga’s online home earlier this week on Tuesday, July 12. As a result, the official YouTube account of Gaga has been suspended over an alleged copyright violation.

    The popular singer has about one billion viewers on the account. However, the visitors of the Gaga’s official channel will get a notice greeted with “This account has been suspended due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube’s Copyright Policy.” Though her account has been suspended, it is still possible to watch many of her video clips as well as “The Edge of Glory” which has already got about 17 million of viewers.

    Lady Gaga has gone to Australia to promote her new album “Born This Way.”


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    Written by Rajib Dey

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