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  • The Montigne is On Sale

    17. November 2011

    The Montigne is on sale (Photo: charterworld.com)

    The Montigne is up for sale and the selling price is EU$16,500,000 ($22,403,532.43). The super yatch is currently available for charters from the Simpson Marine, and is owned by a Southeast Asian yatch owner.

    The spacious yatch was built in 2009 by Turkish Aegan yatchs and it comes with twin 760 hp engines on standby; just in case the winds are not favorable. The yatch has enough room to accommodate several people in the common areas, unlike the conventional sail boats which tend to be a bit crammed up.

    The Montigne's main room (Photo: outrageousluxury.com)

    The dinning area for instance can comfortably accommodate a party of 12. The main room is not dominated by the dining area and it holds a grand piano, a gigantic L-shaped sofa, a glass-topped coffee table and a card table with antique-style chairs.

    The luxurious bedrooms come with king-sized beds, 2 sofas and 42 inch television (Photo: luxuo.com)

    The living spaces have huge king sized beds and two sofas as well as 42-inch plasma televisions. In total the yatch has 6 ensuite state rooms. Below, in the lower deck there is a VIP state room while the deck is used for accommodation.

    There is a wide selection of water sports toys which come with the yatch, and the new owner will have one of the most luxurious sail boats available in the world; suitable for hosting parties and short charter trips.


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    Written by Bernadette Otieno

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