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  • Piaget Polo Tourbillon

    15. July 2011

    Piaget Polo Tourbillon

    Piaget Polo Tourbillon is a limited edition timepiece made with great craftsmanship. (Photo:Uber Gizmo)


    Piaget recently introduced a timepiece that paid tribute to the State of New York.  The timepiece is the symbol of luxury and grandeur.

    The Piaget Polo Tourbillon paid tribute to some of the iconic buildings in New York which included: Statue of Liberty, Woolworth and more.  The timepiece features engraved buildings and structures in its black dia.  It also had carved roman numerals creating a statement of elegance.  The watch also features a relatif mechanical called the Piaget 608P mechanism which is made of 27 jewels and 163 components.

    The tourbillon is made from Titanium which ensures durability and strength.  The dial is made of 18K white gold and features black enamel and white marks.  The casing is also made from precious metal structure.  The crown of the right hand side is made of white gold and finished with white diamonds.  The strap is made of alligator leather which is also famous for its durability.

    The Piaget Polo Tourbillon will have 3 limited editions for sale.  The price tag of this beautifully crafted timepiece is still not known but the quality is of top caliber.  The design of this one-of-a-kind timepiece makes a clear statement of luxury.

    Photo Courtesy: Uber Gizmo



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    Written by Kathy

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