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    What do you want to tell the world?

    Do you know intolerable conditions, you want to denounce in public?

    Did you experience something that was incredible and you want to tell it to the whole world?

    Or do you have a special hobby the public should be informed about?

    Did you help within a recovery mission, have you seen an environmental crisis or did an agency fail in your opinion and do you want to tell this to the whole world?

    Rockefeller News gives you the chance to spread your ideas, opinions and experiences.

    Rockefeller News is a well established and successful online-magazine which focuses on themes like Lifestyle and Beauty.  But we also report on politics, economy, finances, sport, fashion,…all the things, that make life interesting and worth living.

    The 21st century brings more challenges regarding media coverage than there where in the early times of letterpress printing. This is the reason why Rockefeller News decided to break ranks and to hike on new paths – this is your chance to become a citizen journalist.

    And it is so simple:

    Follow the link and sign in:



    But there are also some rules:

    As the carrier gets knowledge about content which harms civil- or criminal law or is against public policy, he will delete this content. Hereunto count content with illegal purpose, annoying behaviour, pornographic, racist, nationalsocialist or anticonstitutionalist content. Added is also the usage of language which is felt vulgar, abusive or hostile by the carrier.

    Also Copyright Infringement is not allowed. Plagiarism is burglary of intellectual property and therefore criminal offense. Every attendant who makes use of plagiarism will be excluded and should know that this also will be prosecuted.


    We‘re looking foreward to read your articles and of course to get to know your writing style.

    So rock the keyboard!

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